2. Februar 2012

De3oR - Mainstore closed

De3oR´s Mainstore musste geschlossen werden,
weil sich der Vermieter entschlossen hat die Sim an LL zurück zugeben :-(
Daher ist De3oR nur gering verfügbar unter folgenden zwei kleinen Läden.
De3or at Maai
Sobald es neues gibt, werdet ihr benachrichtigt.

Liebe Grüße

De3oR's mainstore had to be closed,
because the landlord has decided to admit the Sim back to LL :-(
Therefore De3oR is only scarcely available in the following two small shops.
Once it is new, you will be notified.


(Translated by Google Translate)

9. Januar 2011

#001 NeW Sweater

Hello her loves,
the new year has begun, recovered everything and cheerfully?
Here a new sweater of me =)
As you see, other innovations,